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So Breathe
Single - $0.75
Acoustic - Acoustic General
Previous peak charts position #27
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #6
DJ Lekich
2018 DJ Lekich
January 08, 2020
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160 kbps bitrate
4:39 minutes
I should have known it long before from the quiet ways you seemed to hold your breath. I feel so bad it felt so wrong to share this secret youve so closely kept. Did you fear I would never love you as you are? Did you think I wouldnt be the friend I was before? Well, relaxyou know it now. So breathe. All the jests and droll asides how you hid yourself behind your smiles. It makes me sad to realize I never really knew you all this while. Did I say something unforgiving or unfair to betray the trust I made you doubt was really there? Well it was, and it will always be. So breathe. Im sorry I was blind, that I could never see . . . in the who I thought you were the who youre meant to be. And I just want to let you know Im so glad youre finally free. Did you fear I wouldnt love you as you are? Did you think I wouldnt stand beside you all the more? Well, relaxjust close your eyes. Sit backyour futures open wide . . . So breathe.