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Give And Take
A 70's style jazz rock tune by Gary Fights
Rock - Psychedelic Rock
Charts #48 in subgenre today (peak #3)
Previous peak charts position #26
Lyrics: Derek Dennison and Gary Fights, Music: Gar
2003 Fightmasters Music
December 30, 2019
MP3 11.5 MB
320 kbps bitrate
5:02 minutes
Story behind the song
This song was co-written by Gary Fights and Derek Dennison in 1986. It was first released on Gary's second solo album "Over The Edge" in 2003. It was re-recorded by 2x12 as an acoustic tune and released on their album, "We'll Play That Bridge When We Come To It" in 2004. Gary re-recorded it again with his band Junell Street in 2008 for their debut album "Coming Home". That same version of the song was released again on Gary's most recent solo album "Sex Sells But Music Matters". This is the version that was submitted for this Compilation CD.