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Bitter Storm
Electronic - Industrial
Charts #29 in subgenre today (peak #2)
Previous peak charts position #68
By Peter Merz & Timmy Chandler
2020 Scribe And Sage Music (BMI). All Rights Rese
January 08, 2020
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192 kbps bitrate
5:22 minutes
BITTER STORM Lyrics by Peter Merz and Timmy Chandler Music by Peter Merz INTRO: The anger has faded, I tell myself; But it hasn't died, I know. Glancing out this window Eyes closed tight Hatred burns like brimstone I try to shut my mind I hold back the words clawing at me I dare not give them life Fallen thoughts keep calling to me And theres no way to flee CHORUS In this Bitter Storm Memories become a prison I cant escape Im chained to this hate In this Bitter Storm Its a hate-filled kingdom I cant escape Its way too late Unbending and un-friending Im lost in this Bitter Storm This Bitter Storm These hot and angry tears fill my eyes Theres no disguise While concealed and harbored fears Silence the words I should cry Rebellion disables my witness What I want to say, what I should show Just like salt on a tiny cut Im churning head to toe REPEAT CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL SOLO BRIDGE Could I find the heart to forgive? And break the chains holding me tight? Could I leave behind this bitterness? And heal this pain of this long cold night REPEAT CHORUS 2020 Scribe And Sage Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved.