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AE 10 Can't Get My Head Around It
Disco boogie?
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Pop - Euro Pop
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Martin Stirrup
Martin Stirrup
December 13, 2019
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3:16 minutes
Story behind the song
A stream of consciousness nonsense song
AE 10 Can't get my head around itNZ ECan't get my head around it Can't get my thoughts to agree D A ESomehow I must confound it Before it untangles me DA F#mSave it for the waves EThrowing in the towel F#mSilence of the graves DPhantasy or foul F It's getting out of order It's close to insanity Take it across the border Some place else is where I should be Roll it down the hill Kick it in the hedge Knock it off the sill Push it off the ledge Break G D C Im flying blind G D C Im falling off the edge of reality G D C Im losing my mind F D Or theres something wrong with the laws of causality I need a different story This one is making no sense It's all begun to bore me Its time fir some recompense Stray over the line Kick it into touch That'll do just fine Thank you very much