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Hella Fresh
An appropriate opening salvo for the Roaring 20s... a beautiful dark and ambient expression from Scrimshaw to you...
Lease - $25
Metal - Goth Metal
Charts #209 today (peak #12)
Charts #9 in subgenre today (peak #3)
Aloysius Scrimshaw
2020 Krooked Records
December 12, 2019
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3:07 minutes
Despite the years Screaming at forgotten fears Bloody tears Its even worse than it appears Heres my rate Go rip it from the fuckin sleeve Dont believe And dont receive no reprieve Heave away Cast off all the goddamn lines Shadowplay Never pay their goddamn fines Breath in the air But try not to care A pinch of desire A pound of despair The look on your face Why so serious? Youre dying nonetheless Dying nonetheless How it ends Is only Isaacs guess His life is a total mess Aloysius in the flesh The shit is hella fresh... Hella fresh... Been dead for years But still a head above my peers Endless jeers theyre still wet behind the ears Fears of joy Coming from the boys of soy A useless ploy A genre of music I have to destroy