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The Laundry Blues
Fun, upbeat song. A clean song.
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Constance Smith
2001 Constance Smith
December 12, 2019
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Story behind the song
One day I was hanging with the Tuesday drop-in crowd at Restoration House Outreach in downtown Winnipeg and I got to talking with them about my eventful day at the laundromat. The input of the Tuesday drop-in crowd is gratefully acknowledged.
Verse 1 When I woke up this morning I saw dirty clothes piled high "Guess it's time to do the laundry," I said, and sighed a big sigh. "The odor of my dirty socks keeps everyone away. My friends will not come over, better get it done today!" Thought I'd ride the bus to get to the Laundromat But then I found that I had left my ticket at my flat. So today I will be walking with my load of dirty clothes And all the way I will be singing so every-body knows Refrain: Nothing today is going right! This laundry is bad news. Trying to get the colors bright, I got the laundry blues! Verse 2 It took me quite a while but I made it to the store When I finally got there my feet were pretty sore I looked for an empty seat, for a comfortable chair But the place was pretty packed; I couldn't find one anywhere. Leaning up against the wall I looked over the room For an empty washer; it was almost noon. Gotta to be home for supper; I don't wanna miss my date. Have to get this laundry done, I don't want to be late. Verse 3 "Hey, that machine looks finished; that's the one I'll pick" Rushed over to the washer, got there pretty quick But someone was already there, much to my dismay I'll have to find another one; this just ain't my day! I finally found a washer and piled in my stuff Added lots of soap, to be sure it was enough Gotta get those dirty clothes clean, they're such an ugly sight Lots and lots of powder will get the job done right Verse 4 Couldn't get the washer started, the machine it would not go How many coins should I put in? It probably needs some mo' But I had no more quarters, had used up my last one I'd have to change some bills to get my laundry done Took my money to the counter, had to get more change The cashier was out of quarters and our speech was not the same So I hurried to the Seven-Eleven; they gave me quarters there Got three-- for my dollar, don't think that they were fair Verse 5 Back at the corner Laundromat a crowd had gathered 'round One of the washing machines was making a funny sound The floor was covered in suds and the manager couldn't wait To get his hands on who did this! The manager was irate. My socks and shorts were in there; there was nowhere I could hide Though terribly embarrassed I told the truth, I did not lie. Maybe I put too much soap into that washing machine Guess I might have overdone it; I just wanted to come clean. Verse 6 They let me stay to dry my clothes; I put them in right away- Socks and shorts and other things with names I will not say. I watched them as they tumbled dry. Pretty soon they were done. Not much longer and I'd be on my way back home from whence I'd come As I folded very carefully my fresh, clean-scented clothes I pondered the very troubling truth that every launderer knows A number of socks were missing; they'd not be found, no way For the black hole in the dryer claimed half my socks that day Verse 7 I said goodbye to the manager and left the Laundromat I whistled as I walked along and headed toward my flat The sun was shining brightly and the birds were singing too Nothing now could spoil this day, 'twas almost too good to be true Cruising' down the street was a beautiful Chevrolet A nineteen-fifty-seven, still as gorgeous as the day The car had my attention, the puddle I did not see The Chevy drove straight through it, with mud it plastered me! "Guess it's time to do the laundry" I said and sighed a big sigh--- So now again I'm walking with my load of dirty clothes And all the way I'm singing so every-body knows