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Only A Dream
Acoustic lead guitars embellish the fingerpicking guitar. A broken romance late in life.
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
Bill Madison and Scott Roby
December 04, 2019
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Only a Dream D It was only a glance not even a chance A To sweetly remember the sweet romance G D Where are ya now where have you gone I look in the mirror I see the tattoo It reminds me of you of when we were young When we were true CHO Bm G Now that we're done A Now that we're through Bm G A Who would have known my love for you D Was only a dream INST CHO Your smile was the light in my day How I lost myself in your deep, dark gaze Now you're gone I've lost my way So give me some time give me the space To write my songs to paint my face To run in the sun and dance with the moon CHO
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