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London Calls
Acoustic - Acoustic General
Previous peak charts position #23
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #6
DJ Lekich
2019 DJ Lekich
November 18, 2019
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4:12 minutes
We make our way from the Wharf towards Lombard Street. Alcatraz casting shadows at my feet. Trolley cars as they clatter by The fog horns sound through a smoke gray sky The city hums still it feels so incomplete He leads me panting to your door . . . cause he dont know that you dont live there anymore. So this is how we spend our days, pining both for yesterday, while every passing second seems to crawl . . . London calls. Ive read the streets are pretty in Mayfair. Have you ever walked the gardens in St. James Square? I bet you laugh at the London rain; go Sundays punting out along the Thames, the western wind blowing back your auburn hair. London bridge is falling down . . . Just in my dreams is it too late to save us now? So let these thoughts like autumn leaves, blow all the way to Hampstead Heath, and whisper to you softly as they fall . . . London calls. Shes just five thousand miles away . . . and theres no reason left for me to even stay. So who cares what tomorrow brings when everydays the same old thing . . . Home is where love leads you after all . . . London calls.