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Nuclear Apocalypse
Single - $0.50
Album - $5.00
Metal - Death/Black Metal
Zimbo, Joce, Joschko, Dennis
2019 Cryptic Crown Records & Cryptic Crown
October 31, 2019
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Destroyed and broken everywhere fallow land Everything burned by nuclear fire Everything that did not burn froze to death Cities grounded to rubble, humans turned to dust Deserted landscapes, limitless, mutations The few survivers roam the land as cannibal hordes Feasting on the last sane souls the death toll grows Nuclear apocalypse Burning heat followed by freezing cold Firestorms followed by nuclear winter Everything destroyed by mankinds own power A power that destroyed itself An apocalypse not done by gods hand The hand of man was enough to destroy everything Endless agony, unending death All hope is lost, all life is gone Nuclear apocalypse Everything is gone, everything is destroyed When there will ever be another race They will only find dirt and dust Only darkness will remain Only the void will stay Only darkness will stay Only the void will remain Only darkness will remain Only the void will stay