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Fast Route
Prod. Deb4ura Mixed by Anax Ent / Diablo 3x
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #49
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #22
Diablo 3x
Gang Gang Baby All rights reserved
October 04, 2019
MP3 6.7 MB
320 kbps bitrate
2:55 minutes
Story behind the song
Fast Route isnt the route for me.
Glitching and im lagging Fuck a FAST ROUTE Jugg them packs out ran the jakes last night And bitch ! must of spazzed out *Thought almost had me tho* juggin packs wit the 3rd eye *no illumanti hoe IM BREACHIN THRU FRONT IM WIT GANG LIKE A LAND MINE !