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This Grateful Heart of Mine
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A ballad for the special one who's gone on before us and what they left behind.
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Mona Bagasao, Dan Simmons
2019 Daniel B Simmons
September 27, 2022
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Story behind the song
I received a poem from a friend of a friend written by Mona Bagasao about the passing of a loved one and felt inspired to render it into a song, so I altered a line or two and added a melody. Mona's poem was entitled "Like a Hero" and from that came "This Grateful Heart of Mine"
There are never enough words....to tell someone how much you love them And there's never enough time....to spend together while they're here But I know for you and I....there are more than enough memories To keep us close....for the rest of my years So, when we gather as a family...and recall those precious memories We'll laugh and we'll cry....as we remember things you've said And we know that we've been given....someone special in this lifetime To help us envision...what's waiting up ahead You were an angel...watching over us You were a hero....helping us survive Like the sunrise in the morning You brought hope and you brought healing Ever living....in this grateful heart of mine You were an angel...watching over us You were our hero...helping us survive You were the sunrise...you brought hope, you brought healing Ever living...in this grateful heart of mine An angel in this heart of mine A hero to this heart of mine Ever living...in this grateful heart of mine
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