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Lazy Man
Not me. OK it is me.
Alternative - Ska
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Steve Smith
Steve Smith
September 13, 2019
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Story behind the song
Haven't done a reggae song for aaaages so the Clickers Club Scorching Sun Beach Bongo Song Challenge was the perfect excuse to sit and write one, the picture shows the intense creative process in action. Note the fevered brow, the tormented soul, haunted by demons he can never outrun. Anyway that's enough about the dog. Grab a cold one, sit back and enjoy. Apologies for the bad faux Carribean accent - it just sort of happens when you do this sort of tune no matter how much you try to avoid it so I just went with it.
Day's about as hot as it can be Sun burning like an incendiary And I'm sitting underneath this tree Like a lazy man Got a lot of tricky jobs to Put them all to the back of my queue Cos I'm putting my effort into Being a lazy man A lazy man don't worry about the details But he still gets by He just hopes that life will somehow sort itself out And he does just fine Playlist rocking on my Boom 3* Ice cold bottle of Peroni** How hard can life be As a lazy man? Well the lazy life don't come free Don't be glamoured by what you see I worked 45 years just to be A lazy man Just to be a lazy man * Other Bluetooth speakers are available. ** Other beers are available, but they might not rhyme
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