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Lizzy Opana
This is a true story... She really exists...
Single - $0.99
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
Previous peak charts position #150
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #13
Gabriel Holland
August 29, 2019
MP3 4.7 MB
192 kbps bitrate
3:26 minutes
Story behind the song
This is about a real person. lol. She's really more like a curse.. In more than one city, she needs no introduction. If you have had interactions with her of any sort, you will know who this track is about. The rest speaks for itself..
(Hook): Maybe today, maybe man~ana Time to pay the piper miss Lizzy Opana Miss all black, spandex bandanna It's about time you got checked lil mama (Verse 1): Friends close, enemies closer, bitch If you knew me like you say you do You'd know that, trick And you about as dumb as a brick If you think your'e gonna get away with stealing my shit Aww.. Did I hurt your feelings, Bit Tell that lie to Captain Cake Maybe he'll buy your script Cause he don't want you joogin just to get your fix Till he catches your ass tricking at the Motel 6 Same ol sorry ass excuses Same ol mouth full of dick You don't even like guys, but you love to get lit Now your hustle's getting sloppy Your'e too high on that shit That's why your'e ganking all your friends Bitch, you're losing your grip Which makes you the week link baby Speaking of which... All these sticky situations got you tied to be fit... If they don't lock your ass up They'll find your ass in a ditch Cause desperation and dishonor add up to a snitch.... (Verse 2): What's that lie you tell that you only steal from corporate Like the lie you told yourself, that you could pull off extortion Like the one when you cry and tell the guy your'e an orphan Cheat lie and steal just to feed your endorphins No discrimination, taking each and every portion Bouncing bed to bed juicing suckers for their fortunes But this time you hit the wrong damn house Ain't nothing you can say that's gonna turn it around Your biggest enemy is that load ass mouth Talk that shit all you want bitch I'm busting you out I try to find some good in everyone that I know But there ain't a righteous bone anywhere in this ho If she acts like she loves you, best believe it's a show So she can... make a list of everything that you own Then she'll slip you a seroquel Knock you out. Gone..... While your'e sleeping she'll be cleaning out your whole damn home......