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Death Star Earth
Death Star Earth is a flat-Earth themed track from Eric Dubay and Pruven
Single - $1.00
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #154
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #67
August 21, 2019
MP3 7.6 MB
320 kbps bitrate
WAV 33.6 MB
3:20 minutes
Eric Dubay verse: I'm putting NASA on blast, Spherical trigonometry dictates the fate of your fake geometry. Where's the curvature? What you looking nervous for? Put a crater in your Seder Darth Vader in your elevator. Black helmet, force choke your mind, James Earl Jones narrates your life, be like Gus Grissom blowing whistles 'til they kill me. Houston's got a real problem now: Eric Dubay. Brass taxes, NASA forecast is, partially cloudy with duplicate patterns completely unchanging for 24 hours, magical clouds with subliminal powers. Robert Simmons with his ribbons of imagery, copy pasting defacing your reality. Artists renditions shifting perceptions minions misgivings shills misdirections. Pruven verse: Solid like the rings around the flat plane acknowledge Infinite plane profit Kill agnostic garbage You believe in chemtrails Believe in conspiracies You believe a black man can kill a cop and go free? Made'em flinch You know the Earth's curvature miles per square inch? Exist study a bit hence You believe in lies indeed Intercourse with the truth You believe in involuntary solitude Trips to the moon? Naw Never been no pretend Asked Buzz Aldrin again Its knowledge for those ignorant men Whose serving ya? Bridges don't amount for curvature Paid actor's working for nasa whose your master? It's true, movies indoctrinated you The spinning ball at the beginning of every movie flick doesn't exist Research to and not to believe In Hebrew the word "nasa" means to deceive don't believe everything you see or read Research what they feed Lies I combat with facts Check the flight patterns and the maps Stanley Meyers bars I believe water can be fuel to drive cars NASA photoshopping stars Moon light colder than the night shadows Aliens didn't make the pyramids it was the Pharoah's.