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Electronic - Indietronic
Previous peak charts position #36
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
Copyright 2019 ~ JESUS OLDMAN
August 20, 2019
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MY NAME IS GOOGY My name is Googy I'm from a shithole country You see right through me I'm just a funky monkey Don't know Next to nothing Nothing but the in-between See you motherfuckers Laughin' how the grass is green My name is Googy I'm from a shithole country You are an asshole Okay, that's my opinion You're not the devil Just one of his many minions Spit my rhyme Into the eyes Of those watching me Urinating and manipulating me My name is Googy I'm from The Greatest Country Keep my pizza at a maximum Keep my pain though at a minimum Whoopsie dang and bang ya mama Like a lizard in pajamas Time... Itself Is jealous of me.... You are a ding-dong Ding-dong, Avon calling... Jimmy Avon? We met at a party? You got yo thing on I know you out there balling It's a world of mediocrity Don't blame me All I ever told you Tell you what I tried to be My name is Googy I'm kickin' with yo mama What? It's a bastard conversation Workin' with United Nations I may not escape reality But not for lack of trying 'Cause I try... Till I die.... My name is Googy Telling you all -Drive- -Sober- Forget where you parked it And then just sleep over Wind and rain took my umbrella Right across the street I don't even know If it will come back to me My name is Googy... My name is Googy... My name is Googy! My name is Googy Googy My name is Googy My name is Googy My Name Is Googy Copyright 2019 ~ JESUS OLDMAN