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Surrender To Me
A song about two people that cross paths every day the finaly decide to meet.
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Alexander Aruca
Alexander Aruca
August 16, 2019
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3:27 minutes
Story behind the song
The title came from an episode of Outlander but is not about the show.
Surrender To Me Alexander Aruca Day by day with each passing glance Our hunger grows won't you take your chance I see your eyes but you turn away You can't hide it from me So just surrender to me Admit the love that you know is to be So just Surrender, Surrender to me Each time we meet and I see you smile I feel my soul as it lifts me away I can see how you're looking at me The things you feel, how you know it could be. So come closer, I'll whisper to you About the things that I wish we could do I close my eyes and imagine you're there We walk away an forget all our cares and I'm lost in you, taken away. We'll never want to return, If you surrender to me All the things I feel for you. Memories we have yet to make. Let me whisper in your ear, Just surrender to me Another day as I pass you again Your eyes tell of a growing romance We stop we speak as I reach out to you. A simple laugh and the world starts to turn A learn your name as I give you my own The mystery ends as reality grows Forever one if you just take the chance So just surrender, surrender to me
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