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Grave Robbing in TexasII
Texas Chainsaw Massacre excerpt intro Wayne Well Tobe Hooper with Guests the GLO
Electronic - Experimental Sounds
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Tope Hooper/Wayne Bell/GLO
Tope Hooper/Wayne Bell-Bryanston Pics
August 15, 2019
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Story behind the song
DALLAS, Dec. 19 -- The body of a 20-year-old Texas Tech University coed stolen from a Dallas cemetery last week has been reburied in an unmarked grave at another location in the same cemetery. Only immediate family of Melinda Ann Lee attended the quiet reburial Sunday morning, said the Rev. Byron Myrick, who conducted the service. 'It was a time for the family to regain a feeling of composure,' he said. 'The hope now is for some peace and quiet.' The body was found Friday morning near a remote road in south Dallas County. No arrests have been made and the investigation continues. The grave robbery was discovered Dec. 13 at Restland Memorial Park in the northeast corner of the city. Investigators said one or more robbers spent several hours digging 6 feet to the grave to steal the body. It was the first grave robbery in the 69-year history of the cemetery. Lee died 54 days after she was injured a car accident at Lubbock in west Texas where she attended college. Her family had maintained a bedside vigil until her death Dec. 7. She had been buried on Dec. 10.