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scrambled all my wiring
HST complains to a Hi-Fi store that they have left his system in a mess, he can't get anything working. Of course, for HST this is a disaster no music, no tapes, no fun = no pages. Wrong Shop alledgely
Electronic - Experimental Sounds
August 15, 2019
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3:16 minutes
Story behind the song
We loved this clip. so how could we back it. we heard this track on archive.org from the Peoples Republic of Korea. Hideous but with divine purpose. So we set about twisting this little tune around with subtle warping and degrees of hiss and distort. The idea was that the tune is in the background while he's making the call and reflects the psychedelic machinations of his brain while he is on the phone to the answering machine. A great ensemble piece as there are q+A's going on with others in the room. All playing their part in Gonzo Mythology.