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Mr.Cyanide 1st Runlo
Mr.Cyanide was a weird Project of avant No New York type sounds and zappa like structures all painfully skronked. It builds on a free jazz D+B completely destroyed until their is chrunch and this rolls on and on and on
Electronic - Experimental Sounds
Previous peak charts position #210
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #18
Bull Head Pizzle
August 15, 2019
MP3 1.6 MB
64 kbps bitrate
0:02 minutes
Story behind the song
It came down to doing a piece on Kuklinski who was allegedly a Hit Man from The DeMeo Crew. Kulanski is known to be a pathological Liar so who knows. I believe there is evidence linking him to the crew. The Book 'Murder Machine' doesn't mention him at all I don't think. He apparantly was an Ice Cream Man and killed in his truckr so Mr softee became Mr.Cyanide. I assume the whole thing bar stragglers was destroyed.