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the justification of alienation and apathy in our society
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Bradley Garfield Needham
Bradley Garfield Needham
August 15, 2019
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That's Life Too tired of dying every day waking up the same old way from too many friends down to none too many of them are now long gone tired of hearing every day the same old nonsense, the same old games from rags to riches to rags to done a world where wonders have all gone that's life that's life that's right yeah that's life the world it turns under the same old sun getting burned by everyone climate change and its getting rough lost in transition the dreams, the love tired of believing that each day means something more in some small way from media bites to media stunts the idiot box and the radio slums that's life that's life that's right hell that's life that's life that's life that's right yeah that's life yeah that's life Copyright 2019 Bradley Garfield Needham All rights reserved