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For All Mankind
A ballad to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing
Single - $1.00
Album - $5.00
Pop - Pop General
Previous peak charts position #12
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #7
DC SpaceDog
March 13, 2020
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4:50 minutes
Story behind the song
The manned space program had a great impact on me when I was a child instilling a belief that when we work together we can achieve great things and despite our troubles we can have a bright future. The 50th anniversary of the first moon landing in July 1969 reminded me of these important ideas.
Intro: C F/C G/C C F/C G/C Verse 1: C Dm We commit ourselves to a great endeavor to leave our mark on the moon forever. Em F Em F G G7 To prove our worth in a valiant race. To raise our hopes in the grandeur of space. C Dm “We do these things because they are hard.” We hold our goal in the highest regard Em F Em F G G7 We know the gain will be worth the cost. But we won’t forget the one’s we’ve lost. Chorus: C E7 F Am Em7 F C Gsus G “With one small step, one giant leap”. And as one, our footprints were left behind. C E7 F Am Em7 F Gsus G C The dreams we share are the ones we keep. “We came in peace for all Mankind” Verse 2: C C C Dm Dm Dm Looking back from space in awe we realize, Our past and path ahead in each Earthrise. Em F Em F G G7 Can anybody doubt what our journey’s worth, to “all the good people back on the good Earth” C C C C Dm Dm Dm Dm “Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed, Upon a new world our vision expanded. Em F Em F G G7 “Magnificent Desolation”. Mother Earth shines in bright jubilation. Chorus: Re-Entry: C F/C G/C C F/C G/C Verse 3: C C C Dm Dm Dm We never will forget Apollo’s years. We opened the gates on new frontiers. Em F Em F G G7 We stand on the shore of the Cosmic Sea. Set sail for the Heavens, our spirit set free. C C C Dm Dm Dm Our hopeful hearts were opened that day With courage and will, they showed us the way. Em Em F F Em Em F G G7 Our future is calling. How will we respond? Our next Giant Leap, to the Mars and beyond. Chorus + tag Ending C F/C G/C C F/C G/C
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