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Rollercoaster is a psychedelic electronic track produced by Satellite 484.The song expresses the ups and downs of our life experiences and it is the great rollercoaster ride.
Single - $0.50
Album - $12.00
Electronic - Electronica
Charts #1,322 today (peak #174)
Charts #348 in subgenre today (peak #24)
Paul J M Pinto,Cherie Pinto
copyright 2019
August 09, 2019
MP3 13.1 MB
320 kbps bitrate
WAV 57.9 MB
5:44 minutes
Story behind the song
Rollercoaster was first produced on 2009 by the original members of Satellite 484 Matt Pinchin and Paul J M Pinto.The track was left on the cd pile for 10 years amongst all our unreleased material .We decided to rework and remix this track in 2019 .
you better buckle up quick For a real bumpy ride G-force will blow away your mind Adrenalin in your blood Fireworks in the sky Love a climax a tear from the eye hold on real tight You push the envelope ascending high beware the steep slope fire in your eyes inhale fill your soul reality will make you loose controle Chorus: Rollercoaster round and round x2 ,round and round we go chorus