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Grumpy Old Man Blues
If you're the parent of grown up children that refuse to move out then this one's for you. Inspired by Theo's late Father, most of what is mentioned in the lyrics actually happened.....
Blues - Electric Blues
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Graeme Gleaves/Theo McLeod
Graeme Gleaves/Theo McLeod
August 13, 2019
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Story behind the song
That lunchtime Theo's dad had lost his favourite hat and was making no secret how upset he was about it. Theo and Graeme met up that evening to pen a romantic ballad but somehow came up with this. Originally released in 2008 on the Grumpy Old EP. Features Carys Parfit on drums.
Where's my hat and where's my shoes How much more have I got to lose Only the shirt from my back Feels like I'm being stretched on a rack My kids have grown but won't go away Looks like the little bastards are here to stay They've filled my garage up with crap Eat my food and give me chat back Coming round with their raucous noise I can't move for all of their toys F*** ed about with my PC And it's filled with porn and MP3s There's broken cars all over my drive They've syphoned the petrol from my ride Their bleedin' dog just plays with sticks And covers my lawn with great big sh** s They've emptied my pool and put in a swing Growing marajawana and everything Think I'll go and live in a tent Cause I bloody well hate being a parent Grumpy old man blues