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You Matter
You Matter is a track from Eric Dubay and Seth Davis' upcoming Flat Earth themed album
Single - $1.00
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #83
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #40
August 04, 2019
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First and foremost just let me say that you matter. Your life has a meaning their demeaning can't shatter. So they blather, trying to make you hate yourself with the same bullshit they feed to everyone else. Tell me, do you think you're really just a speck of dust in a cold uncaring universe? Well let me tell you something: You are not a little dot on a giant spinning ball. You are part of the awareness that encompasses all. But it falls in opposition to the lies that you were given to make you have the view of a slave to the system run by crazy people so enslaved by temptation to view themselves as supreme over the population. So I'm making a stand against the sick propaganda that's got you living like goyim through the libel and slander. We are not evolved apes. We are not some fucking stardust. We are all a part of God so they want to retard us. You are someone, and you have a purpose. Fuck the liars who try and make you feel worthless. You are life, and thus you have a meaning, and you're a part of me so please stop believing that materialism is all that there is to life or that love is nothing but a chemical high. I look at the very same sky as you every night and I can see peace shining in those twinkling lights. What are those twinkling lights? Try zooming in with a camera at night, and see for yourself that you've been lied to. Stars aren't suns and the moon is see-through. They're all quite close and revolve around you. Or be like most of the cunts beside you, claiming what we're saying is some kind of aberration, that the stationary plane you're standing on is in rotation, that its racing off through space because of what some Mason's saying. You just gave your mind away today so you could stay complacent, and keep chillin' with your NASA posters in your momma's basement, and ignoring that you are the center of all of creation. You're important and matter so rather than blathering and further scattering all of this claptrap that NASA's been gathering, why not try fathoming something miraculous: the truth that it's happening.