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Wynter Enduring Vine
Eye am Xi-Wang-Mu... please sire ...sit thee Jade Emperor Prince your Immortal with I now.... Purple Reign.. The Queen Mother of the West obtained it the Dao and took up her seat at Shao kuang. No one knows her beginning; no one knows her end
Urban - Smooth R&B
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Queen NATCSB Daniele D @ Vame Re-cords Akasha
July 17, 2019
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Story behind the song
Queen Mother of the West is a calque of Xiwangmu in Chinese sources, Seibo in Japan, Seowangmo in Korea u in Vietnam. She has numerous titles, one of the most popular being the Golden Mother of the Nacre Lake (also translated as "Mother-of-Pearl Lake" or "Jade Lake"). She is also known in contemporary sources as the Lady Queen Mother. In the Maternist current of Chinese salvationist religions she is the main deity and is called upon as the Eternal Venerable Mother. Tang writers called her "Golden Mother the First Ruler", the "Golden Mother of Tortoise Mountain", "She of the Nine Numina and the Grand Marvel", and the "Perfected Marvel of the Western Florescence and Ultimate Worthy of the Cavernous Darkness". Commoners and poets of the era referred to her more simply as the "Queen Mother", the "Divine Mother", or simply "Nanny" (Amah).
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