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written words on the sea
Ive been to the ocean and Ive seen words in the suns reflecting on the sea....It said I love you.....and the the weird thing is I found it in the ocean in my drawings .so I wrote a song bout it.
World - New Age
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Katherine Scorzo aka Faunaserene
All Rights Reserved
July 11, 2019
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WRITTEN WORDS ON THE SEA LYRICS BY KATHERINE SCORZO AKA FAUNASERENE along the seas ive seen reflecting and in the reflection I wasn't expecting words and pertaining to me and even in my little artworks there've been words I see in my handdrawn seas Ive found I love you but I love me I love me I love me Ive seen the word trees Ive even seen heart and yearn and I ve seen worn heart on greensleeves oh what a wonderous warp and weft I weave oh what a wonderous warp and weft Ive woven Ive seen words on my mountains and my hills Im so elated I am thrilled THe little things and my little ways I play inside my being Drawing in attraction drawing things of beauty Its a universe a microcosm of a macrocosm inside of me If I go swimming will you wrap those words around me..... All Rights Reserved Katherine Scorzo aka Faunaserene
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