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Imagine That
Imagine That from Eric Dubay and Seth Davis upcoming collaboration album
Single - $1.00
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #80
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #39
June 22, 2019
MP3 10.0 MB
320 kbps bitrate
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4:23 minutes
Smoother than a velvet tongue, a lie comes to the lips of some elitist psychopath that's trying to take your shit. He makes your kids believe in falsities while getting praised as god. Welcome to America land based on a Masonic fraud. Watch them applaud like Jerry Springer for an innocent's death, now multiply it by a million and this country's all that's left spreading meth around the world through biker gangs and the feds, not a war on drugs, a war on us, that's what it is instead. The dead and dying lying in hospital beds every day and medical malpractice kills more than cigarettes anyway. Any day that we change it there will be conformists aplenty acting like the chains we just shrugged off were really tempting. Entry to a higher echelon of social insanity preserve an urge doomed to consume the mental depravity. I had to see the darkness that was right outside the door, and now I've steeled myself, no fearing death any more. Fuck the fake personas of all the rappers who act, the whole robotic Masonic hypnotic propaganda's a trap, so many people buying the lies rather than dealing with facts, because if they were they'd be giving the TSA and NASA the axe. I'd rather your ass be reading than even bumping this track. I'm so hated by the chosen call me Yasser Arafat. Crepuscular rays gives heliocentrism a smack. Even your own perspective will prove the Earth's flat. Imagine that. Never trapped again by the same circle of logic, globular prophets, Masonic hobbits, or a food that is toxic. Fiber-optic cable stretching all over the world, but you still believe satellites are real. My lip curls in a sneer. The veneer of honesty on a throne of lies while trap rappers acting like they're willing to kill or die while I and most people know it's all a facade. Still so many choosing illusions over the truth and it's odd. Need not apply Santa Claus or Mickey Mouse religion, a bunch of callow, shallow materialists feeding the system, filling up the hearts of men with nothing but grief because the greatest form of control is blind faith and base belief. Speak the truth dude or truly speak not at all. You're not in the Milky Way. Your ass is not on a spinning ball. Calling it as it is does not make me pessimistic, not that most of the population would even know the definition. Imagine that. Dubay steps on your track, takes your chill vibe, breaks its spine, cracks his neck, kills your last verse like Revelations crimes in church, drinks all your communion, eats your preacher for dessert, metaphorically of course. You can't take this shit as literal. Jesus even said himself that he only ever spoke in parables. Incredible that there could ever be people who read the whole bible and think that it's literal, but it's inevitable when the regrettable read about Jesus and think that he's edible. So eat your communion you literal cannibal, virgins are birthing in mangers with animals, Jonah is living inside of a whale and they're letting old Barrabas out of his jail, 'cause the snakes are all talking and people are walking on water while turning it into some wine then the bushes start burning and talking and telling humanity 10 things they shouldn't be doing. You gullible idiots are probably still thinking you live on a ball that is wobbling, tilting and spinning through space many miles per second 'cause Freemasons said so and so you believe it, and couldn't conceive that you might be deceived by the very same people that gave you your priests. So you're probably not feeling this, cognitive dissonance, triggering Christians and ball-Earth believers, bitch.