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Inferior Superior
Cassmark song 'Inferior Superior', from the Coolico album (2019).
Alternative - Indie
Jim Louie
2019 Cassmark
June 15, 2019
MP3 9.2 MB
320 kbps bitrate
4:02 minutes
*** Inferior Superior *** (Words & Music by Jim Louie) Just who do you think you are? Now what do you want to be? Is it a stretch too far? Are you free? So should we act the star? Or should we be the sea? Is it allowed, tsar? Nobody? Inferior superior Inferior superior Just who do you think we are? And what did you want to be? A common ground subpar? Are we free? So should I play guitar? Upon the open C? Is it a stretch too far? Am I free? Inferior superior Inferior superior
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