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Emotional rap song by FlipFlop The Clown
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HipHop - Christian Rap
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FlipFlop The Clown
June 13, 2019
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(Hysterical Crying) [Speaking Spanish: You left without me My heart cries for You] (Hysterical Crying) Why?... Why?... [Verse 1] Time 2 turn the lights off and say goodbye All I keep thinking about is suicide She was the best thing 2 happened 2 mankind Things were fine till u arrived Why did U had 2 take her 2 the other side?! Gonna cut my veins & bleed out dry That way I can c her from down below as she flies by Up in heaven's sky With her big angel wings, she'll be looking down, as I fry In the pit of hell till the end of time It's only a small price 2 pay just 2 c her one last time! [Hook] I can't think straight Everything is not the same I can't find my way Everything is so gray [Verse 2] She didn't care about the color On ur skin or ur shape She would always greet u with open arms and warm food on ur plate She'll stuff ur belly with the best home cooked meal u've ever ate U c, the world outside her walls is full of greed and too much hate People don't wanna give they just wanna take God sent her as a gift in 1930 on February 28 To heal broken hearts that ache But we must have sin and made some mistakes Cuz he took her soul beyond the pearly gates [Hook] I can't think straight Everything is not the same I can't find my way Everything is so gray [Verse 3] I Just want 2 end it all Jump off my balcony and let the concrete break my fall My father always said I wasn't gonna amount 2 anything at all Next 2 him i always felt so small And he always seemed so tall He couldn't stand the sight of me at all This is my goodbye letter it waz nice knowing u all! [Speaking Spanish: I miss you mema I'll see you soon Your pretty clown Amen]