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No Fear
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June 15, 2019
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I look around and sometimes wonder how I'm here a lifetime of near misses; a life I now hold dear I have arrived despite the fact I had no fear (chorus) I did it all, I had a career, I raised up kids, to end up here (verse) It's time to rest, I take my time, I'm lovin' you whole lives apart, and in the end, we still are true to lean on each other when our days are dark and blue (chorus) I can't complain, when others would die to live like this to give it up is fatal; the reaper's kiss (bridge/lead) We know so well, each other's dreams on sandy shores The will to live, the driving force fragile in ways, I ran the course (chorus) I have to think our kind is not the final word fighting the world to stay alive should be absurd It's dawned on us, we need all creatures to save our world (chorus) Oh my children, I am afraid, what lies ahead we shine, each one, together we are so brain dead (lead) The dark clouds gather, and wreak their havoc on our sphere and we don't care; the moneys good, we have no fear. Mark Gates 6/5/2019