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POISONOUS (Prod. By Zach Sutton)
Metal - Rap-Metal
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June 02, 2019
MP3 3.3 MB
320 kbps bitrate
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1:26 minutes
Lyrics: [Verse 1]: Hunnid dollaz on my chain, motherfuckers on their way All you niggaz with no brain, I'ma shoot ya on the lane I was on my jet plane on my way to Bahrain Gotta drippin' on Balmain, gotta needa profane (gotta needa profane 4x) [Verse 2]: Pussy niggaz everybody fucked up Bitch you got me fucked up Everybody all around, anybody on the ground I do wanna bloody gore, you a motherfuckin' whore You can do the fucking roar, bitch I needa fuck you more I'ma smack ya niggaz on the fuckin' door You a pussy nigga whore, you a pussy nigga whore You a motherfucking whore, you a motherfucking whore You a pussy nigga whore, you a motherfucking whore