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(Something) I Couldn't See at the Time
Collaboration with Dave on an original Blues/Rock song. Modern Fidelity Blues.
Blues - Blues Rock
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Jeffrey A. Kratzman & Dave Rosky
(c) 2018
April 08, 2020
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320 kbps bitrate
5:20 minutes
Story behind the song
Sometimes in a relationship you only realize later on that you were also fighting that person's past baggage. I did a quick demo and Dave went to town doing all of the guitars and bass. I did the vocals and the drums.
1. Maybe it was my inexperience Or it could have been denial So eager to build a future That I couldnt open my eyes You were there in the moment But you were bound to the past Lost or confused, without a friend Or burned by a sudden end But now it just tugs on my mind Something I couldnt see at the time 2. Nearly drowning in the present For the decisions in the past Like a flash flood of regrets The tide comes in so fast Rationalizing our hidden fears And the subtle over reaction I tried to write it all down But the words were redirected 2. Dont get me wrong We all have our baggage Like a ball and chain We drag forward over and over First the bleeding then the scar Then the pain and the lonely hours That we try so hard to hide When its obvious, we barely survived
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