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Here's a traditional country theme done in a traditional country stye. Short and sweet, Hope you like it, - Pete
Country - Traditional Country
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Pete Gallatin
Brenton (Pete) Gallatin, BMI
May 23, 2019
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Noreen v1 Upstairs , my wife was sleeping To my window you came creeping Like a fool , I opened up the door. You know I can't resist you Sliding down while I kissed you We were making love there on the floor chorus Noreen, You're the Devil sent to me Inside my flesh is burning for you constantly From my lips no prayer will come, Just the Devil's name,- Noreen. v2 In her eyes I see the hurting She knows, of that I'm certain A victim of our cheating game Your man is at home waiting, But here you are out late and I am falling for you once again Chorus 2 and inst. bridge I've run away to save myself, to this desert town But you still find me in dreams you pull me down repeat chorus and outro