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A couple of My Dream Girls (3)
it's a song about two girls
HipHop - Bass Rap
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May 05, 2019
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Story behind the song
this song is about two of my favorite girls who go to my school who i wish I could date at the same time
Hey you two girls mean something special to me If we got together it be us three One thing I don't do is fuck for free That's because I'm only 15 Baby you know I like it when you by me Just tell me, tell me, tell me if u love me Because I feel a really strong connection Girl no I'm not dangerous, no I don't own a gun Trust me if we were together I promise it will be fun It's been a struggle for me to find me a girl All the other girls they just make my head twirl Is this shit for real or is it all in my head It's like I'm living a fantasy All of this love is making me dizzy making me angry, so now I get pissy If I left for 10 days would you miss me? Do you even care about me? One of you has a man but does he love you as much as me? I think me and is a thing we should be Please, Please just listen to me I wrote this song for the two of you I want to call you my boo one of you plus one of you, yea that's two of you I know you want to be with me, so what's the issue I see you start to cry do you need a tissue Let me take you into my arms This is a safe place. No need for firearms Come here girl, don't you cry I see the tears dripping down from your eye Let me wipe your tears dry Girl your so beautiful just like a butterfly I will never dissatisfy I will be there for you when you are down I'm gonna turn that frown around I think that our love is found So hush girl and don't make a sound I love the color of your eyes It's like looking into the blue skies Saying goodbyes is pretty likewise You know I will always bring you a surprise I love you no matter what your man acts like an idiot I am not I am the opposite Girl I am affectionate and I won't let go Yea I won't let go
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