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HipHop - Nerdcore
Previous peak charts position #277
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
R.Carter, D.Dumile
2019 Crazyone Studios/Crazyone-Worldwide.
May 04, 2019
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128 kbps bitrate
2:32 minutes
WAIT! WAIT! Stop the tape, I gotta take a selfie... ok. [VERSE 1] For being a lame chump, and weird as hell we sentence you to entertain the world, on a global scale Mr. Carter you must be dysfunctional everyone will hate you, you'll be insufferable fucked around, aged-out the school scene recorded a few albums, now I'm in a magazine million streams and sales, I did double. Fucked spells up like I'm Mildred Hubble! bored as hell one night, eating pie wrote down some rhymes, record on-the-fly photoshop my face, look like a goof I'll teach you how to do it, but after that vamoose Diagnosed with A.D.D. my life was toast the kid in the back talked! Doc give him a stronger dose! doused chloroform on the placket I made a fast escape, still tied in a straitjacket! [Chorus] Uh! Uh! Yeah! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Don't have a chorus Uh! Uh! So we just gonna make some ad-lib sounds! Really don't have a chorus! [The Wolf] Yo bro! You want a muffin? [Ryan Carter] What?! (This doesn't need a chorus, this song doesn't need a chorus.) Just tell the story. [VERSE 2] Carter colluded in cahoots with the Russians the government had discussions, determine repercussions So now they got me locked with Donald in the dungeon Nurses all laughing, both our dicks look like munchkin's I shitted on myself for bad behavior also masterbated and nutted on my neighbor (UH!) Trump got pissed and pulled a blinky out his butthole outta rhymes drumroll.. tee-pee, bunghole! I'm an O.G. word-slinger, not retired mumble rappers suck, word of advice: Be quiet! My cellmate yells: GET THE GUARDS TO THESE QUARTERS AT ONCE! THIS DUDE IS ACTING LIKE A DUNCE! That is the story, that a stranger will tell to you The tale of two losers, locked in a cage in the yonder blue Carter: insane in the brain, dead in the face. President of the United States: a Basket case. [OUTRO] Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Yeah! That's the story, a cautionary tale. BEWARE! Watch what you do, watch what you say... it comes back. ok, cut the tape off. CUT THE TAPE OFF! STOP THE TAPE! STOP THE TAPE! WHERE'S MY MEDICINE?!