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Wild U.S
HipHop - Nerdcore
Previous peak charts position #145
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R.Carter, W.Smith
2018 Crazyone Studios/Crazyone-Worldwide.
May 04, 2019
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128 kbps bitrate
4:15 minutes
[VERSE 1] Wild U.S., America, (WHOO!) Eldorado, coming to dominate and you don't want nada (NO YOU DON'T WANT NADA!) None of this, plenty guns in here, money runnin this (IN HERE, RUNNIN THIS!) forget what they sold you, (FORGET WHAT I SOLD YOU! HA! HAA!) look it's like I told ya Any nation that's in distress Be out of their mess, when we force progress (WHOO!) got plenty checks, but sometimes our laws misguide open-carry on the street, we keep our heat by our side (YO! WASSUP! WASSUP! WASSUP!) fear divides, our differences react so quick to grab a gun, when our lips react from all of this, yes, the start of this, (ALL OF THIS! START OF THIS!) all are the same, land of the free, home of the brave, you remember our name! Now who ya gonna call? Not G.B! Now who you gonna call? Not the EU, please! and if you start trouble with any one of us, LOOK OUT! you bout to get messed up, by the (Wild US!) [CHORUS] Our home is in the (Wild US!) I was born within the (Wild US!) They announce us as the (Wild US!) LET'S GO! LET'S GO! We going straight to the Wild US! We going straight to the Wild US! [VERSE 2:] Now, now, now, now once upon a time in the US racial tensions hit a boiling point in the US 2016 elections, boy what a mess Now we must rebuild and calm the unrest (can you feel me) Trump from the shadow, in the saddle, Comey to tattle Russia we exposing, Donald ain't avoiding Behind our back, all the hacking they did Front and center, go and face the Congress you squid! What dis is? A hot record, thus had dealth sounding really good too, if I can say so myself Told me Trump is a good man, It don't appear that When he starts to talk, ain't tryin to hear that Tryin to divide us, the champions When are the enemies gonna learn, it can't be done Understand it ya'll, We're the freest there is, We're the bravest there is, did I say We're the freest there is? So if you messing with the wrong people brotha, don't be startin nothin These 50 states gonna, bomb and bring ruckus We strive for liberty here in the Wild.. [Chorus] We going straight to the Wild US! (Our home is in the) We going straight to the Wild US! (I was born within the, They announce us as the) We going straight (STRAIGHT!) to (TO!) the Wild US! (THE WILD US!) [VERSE 3] To any scofflaw wicked or not, thinkin they bad, We quick on the draw.. gun, a knife, or a bat Don't even think about it, MOAB, weighin a ton, Hey Kim Jong, we'd shoot you for fun, son From Portland to Georgetown, violence goes down We got bad guys running around, they stabbing your gown, We the loonies of the west, but we still defenders of the rest, Don't mess with us cuz we are the.. [Bridge] We going straight to the Wild US! We going straight to the Wild US! We going straight to the Wild US! We going straight to the Wild US! We going straight to the Wild US! We going straight to the Wild US!, come on