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HipHop - Nerdcore
Previous peak charts position #427
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #3
R.Carter, D.Dumile
2016 Crazyone Studios/Crazyone-Worldwide.
May 04, 2019
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128 kbps bitrate
2:55 minutes
[VERSE] Dumped in the Detroit river, live from the Murder Mitten yeah, Where the crooks who poisoned the Flint city drink Is on the job, not by fate, tired of the wait for the Feds to bring deliverance to these dire straits guns fire at a higher rate, why they open-carry states? Fliers, people scatter, C-4, cut the wires Tell the Senators and Congressmen to get a grip try to think a little bit, instead of doing dumb shit What a deal, police got guns of steel one taser, a black runner, get six shots in your back, bummer A bizarre phenomenon is your vest on Take your chance, stop for him or speed away, Autobahn butterflies and love, aw, come on, Barney Clack, clack, BOOM! BOOM! Oh God, let's party He must protect the children like a big brother After that we're gonna tell the racists where the love is scared and in denial, credit or debit when the name on the card is Visa leaning to the right like they Condoleezza Grab a rump you can feel, give a soft squeeza Raw with your style, if she complains.. get amnesia Get shot with that bull-shit talk claimed my territory, took a piss on the sidewalk Can't take the morals out a good person Looking for the perfect human, start out with reverse searching you might find me in a red state Got the only CD that comes with a free mixtape Whoever do get to see me think in quiet rememberance at the final resting place of B.B. King these rhymes are the real thing, it ain't no joke bro Standing room only at my Facebook Live talk show this beat might cause encephalitis having fun hanging out with your brother's mother My love is spicier than headcheese, bigger than the three credit bureaus If they don't know, chances are joe blow Mental note: yo, dust gold records Swear to God, when I get awards I am flattered Blessed with a lame flow, published, got fame bro Invested in self, the best to oppress distress yo As I reminisce never forgot the friends that blew smoke Give it to me straight, I can't afford another fucking joke Or should I say smoke with help it's like asking the Klan to give enough rope to hang myself screw me over, I just take contempt and flaunt it The long arm of your hate couldn't even put they fingers on me 10-4, this is so simplistic another black man, way too pessimistic and artistic And no characteristics for linguistics I dedicate this to Martin Luther King, his dream's forever endless