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Northwind Rules
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Previous peak charts position #30
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #13
May 04, 2019
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320 kbps bitrate
6:33 minutes
Outside my window a gray and dreary day a pretty sad start for the month of May (chorus) The don't shine at least my way I'm not mad about it it's the price I pay up in old New England the northwind rules the day. (verse) My baby's playin poker to while the time away I'm sittin here tryin to come up with something to say I got no complaints but I need some sunshine up my way (chorus) (verse) Depression steals in with a month of gray supposed to be spring we want to go out and play a long cold winter and it's still having it's say (chorus) (verse) Coffee and cheezecake my breakfast for today pick up my guitar work out something to play something's in my head I work it out this way (chorus) (verse) So we wait for you miss springtime to show your face to warm the cold ground to shine upon this place you're long overdue I think I've made my case.