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How Does It Feel
Sensitive, passionate, and with only real instruments. A soul ballad about unanswered love.
Urban - R&B/Soul/Pop
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Doc Jazz
2018 Doc Jazz
April 18, 2019
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Story behind the song
Words, music, production: Doc Jazz Doc Jazz: lead & backing vocals, keyboards Hans Sligter: bass guitar, rhythm guitars and solo guitars Brandon Davis: drums Elan Noelle: additional backing vocals Maria Grigoryeva: violins and string arrangements Christopher Speich: percussion
Brighter than the shining sun Was Love when it had just begun Darker than the longest night Was Pain when it struck deep inside Words can build and words can break The heart decides what choice to make Doubts and fears can cloud the mind When love's worn down by daily grind - Tell me how does it feel When someone loves you Like for real And how high do you fly When someone thinks of you Day and night I'll tell you bout the other side Taken for granted Like a painting on a wall Love unanswered can't be right Disenchanted Like the curtain’s about to fall Tell me how does it feel Cause I can't imagine being in your shoes A heart that's made of steel Ruling over this broken heart that has learned how to lose - Am I the one who should be blamed Should I be feeling so ashamed But a heart in Love it don't think straight Submits itself to a damning fate Sometimes I think I should break free But I'm afraid to face reality I'm way too likely to regret the break So tell me what's the use of making that mistake