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Poor Farm Blues
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April 10, 2019
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Up in the mornin', asscrack of dawn get out to the parlor; get the milkers on go to clean the barn, turn the cleaner on the chain, it breaks; it's almost gone (chorus) The govt gives you a low-interest loan instead of a milk check you get a suicide phone number got the poor farm blues. (verse) Got so many bills that I can't pay if I could set my own price that would be a way to get out from under, get some breathing room instead of working under a cloud of doom (chorus) Some of my equipment is a hundred years old my tractors are so worn out, they couldn't be sold my body is failing; my joints let go they fill you full of painkillers; scars on your soul (chorus) My family's been here for over 200 years seven generations working the fields cutting timber in the winter; at least it'll yield a little bit of cash for a decent meal (chorus) I hate to think of what the future holds this just isn't working, and I'm gettin' old wall street investors; they just don't care they want the means of production; it just ain't fair (chorus) Poor Farm Blues April 5 2019