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Cold Sheets and Memories
Country - Country General
Previous peak charts position #9
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #5
M.P. Dudash & Owen Hovenden
February 22, 2019
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4:31 minutes
I woke up from a bad dream Reached out to touch your skin The emptiness beside me Matched the emptiness within Our sweet dreams have slipped away While I've tried to hold them tight Only cold sheets and memories Share my bed tonight Chorus: Cold sheets and memories From a fire that once burned Though desire came easy It's a hard lesson learned I loved her in the evening But she was gone by morning light Only cold sheets and memories Share my bed tonight The pillow where her head laid Still offers some relief It holds the scent of her perfume And the indent from her cheek I wonder every now and then If she ever cared for me Then my bed reminds me With cold sheets and memories CHORUS And I wonder how would it feel Just to make believe That these old sheets were still warm And we were building memories Is this my reality Or if it's just a dream I'm hoping for the sake of me My cold sheets and memories CHORUS