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End of a song (Fender 57 Champ)
A song I did with a new/ish Fender 57 Champ Reissue and a Gibson SG w/P90s. Soft, yet crunchy - just 2 guitar-tracks and vocals.
Single - $0.75
Rock - Garage Rock
Previous peak charts position #44
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #4
Carsten Tiemessen
2019 by Carsten Tiemessen
January 13, 2019
MP3 4.6 MB
192 kbps bitrate
3:21 minutes
Story behind the song
I was jamming by myself, and when I played this little piece, I thought "hey, this sounds like it could be the end to a song" - that's how the idea came about.
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