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Ominous Dreams
Rock - Progressive Rock
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Marty Ray Boone / Owen Hovenden
January 11, 2019
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3:37 minutes
I'm not really here, just a dream in your mind And if you go looking, yeah, you'll never find me anywhere on the face of this dark Earth Strange shadows, the touch of the hearse A spooky paradox, to make your skin crawl twisted writhings, written on the wall Of things to come, seen but not there Portents of prophesy beguile and beware It flows in the wind, it comes in your dreams Preposterous nightmares to make you scream Oh, somebody help me I cant get away From these ominous phantoms, the ghosts of the day Dark shadows are falling, the future unseen Stark revelations shall come into your dreams Ominous words in the sun's fading light these dark shadows the prelude to night Ominous dreams Ominous dreams
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