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Gabriel's Message
My arrangement of the hymn about Gabriel proclaiming to Mary that She was to be the mother of the Saviour.
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Arranged by Paul Janowski
Paul Janowski 2018
December 17, 2018
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Gabriel’s Message The angel Gabriel from heaven came His wings as drifted snow His eyes as flame From God all hail the angel said to Mary Most highly favoured lady Gloria "Fear not for you shall bear a holy child By him to God be reconciled His name shall be Emmanuel The long-foretold" Most highly favoured lady Gloria Then gentle Mary humbly bowed her head "To me be as it pleaseth God" she said "My soul shall praise and magnify his Holy name" Most highly favoured lady Gloria Of her Emmanuel the Christ was born On Bethlehem upon that Christmas morn And Christians all around the world will all proclaim Most highly favoured lady Gloria