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I'M IN LOVE AND HATE... (duet with Sue Goldstein)
Jazz - Smooth Jazz
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Copyright 2018 ~ JESUS OLDMAN
December 07, 2018
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I'M IN LOVE AND HATE... (Duet with Sue Goldberg) People, yeah, they wonder, what's up with me But they just don't wanna know what's happened to me; When I got my heart broken, it sort of broke me in two So we go along, by 'we' I mean 'me' 'Cause while you only see one, we're both he and she And I can just about tolerate me Trying to work out who to be And I love you I think No I don't, you're a pig And you know I'm in love and hate with me Am I isolated? Who's asking please? You can dial the operator and speak at the beep See ya later alligator, I've got my hands full with me I'm an average Larree, as plain as can be Then again I'm Proud Mary, Blowing off steam; It's the Dude and the Diva, you see... And either way, they're both me I look handsome, I'm told No you look about a hundred years old Who the hell needs you? I'm in love and hate with me! I'm at the mirror, brushing my hair I can have an argument while I'm the only one there! I've forgotten my umbrella, that's okay I think I'll soak up the rain I found a way to avoid the pain Such a clever one... I'm in love and hate with me ~Instrumental solo~ There'll be no more hurting me I'm immune to every he and she Even used to it now I'm in love... and... hate... with... Lucy Pavarotti, smile on my face If you're not quite Maserati, Don't run the race No one's throwing the confetti! 'Cause they can't keep up with me Flipping like a coin Who cares? Heads or tails... I went Technicolor Crazy and Burned A Bright Trail... And be glad it's not happened to you! Or you'd be split apart too And I think you're real keen You're a dope, I'm a bitch who's mean It's a love affair with myself Though I can't stand me And you've got what I need Though I may beat you till you start to bleed It's a jolly day... I'm in love... and... hate... with... me And we don't really care what you think If the whole thing makes you nauseous Go find a sink 'Cause that's all she wrote It no longer matters to me Mmmm, life's a spiral staircase That's what I've found I refuse to be knocked over when you spin me 'round It's a case of survival, you see That's how there's a revival of me And I love you, I think Nooooo, I don't, you're a PIG It's my Destiny, I'm in love and hate with me Can't get the best of me, I'm in love and hate with me Mmm ahh, I stood the test, you see, now I'm in love and hate with me Copyright 2018 ~ JESUS OLDMAN