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Clickers Try Ball
A song for the 2018 Clickers Club Tribal Challenge
Electronic - Tribal
Charts #22 in subgenre today (peak #2)
Previous peak charts position #12
Holger Luth
Holger Luth
December 06, 2018
MP3 6.6 MB
221 kbps bitrate
4:09 minutes
Story behind the song
I decided to dive into the many samples and loops I have found and gathered over the last many years. I never used them much before, but this song is completely made from samples. I have cut, pasted, reversed, shortened and chopped the samples, but for once I did not sing or play anything myself.
"Oh yeah" backwards sounds like "ha-a-ee-yoh". That sounded a bit tribal to me :0) Lots of "ooh-ooh", "Aaah", "Yeah" and the likes of that :0) Various Spanish and Italian phrases (I think)
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