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Three Strikes
Rock - Punk
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lyrics: T. Welch, music: T.Welch, RUR
July 04, 2004
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Crime and government display a symbiotic love With every politician’s promise to throw down the gloves As prison building keeps our economy afloat He’ll kill as many black men as it takes to earn your vote The demagogues pay lip service with false promises and lies They claim to sympathize as they pull the wool over your eyes And the Umpire calls “1...2...3 strikes, you’re out!” In the penal labor camps you’ll find what justice is about The slave trade is back again The Drug War: Prohibition’s next of kin Full of all of the injustice Nancy Reagan could cram in Yuppies snorting coke but it’s not Wall Street they’ll attack They send the cops off to the ghettos to round up all the blacks Addiction is an illness not a crime Rehabilitation’s for the rich, the poor do time And it’s “1…2...3 strikes you’re out!” You’re just another junkie that our nation’s better off without It’s a war against the poor.