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Information Age
Rock - Punk
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lyrics: T. Welch, music: J. Moore, RUR
July 04, 2004
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From our first days of school We are implanted with their rules Directed and selected for blind obedience As they weed out the deviants No child left behind A conquest of our minds Don’t you dare step out of line! Through discipline and schoolyard taunts They condition a Pavlovian response Stop and look; your textbooks are designed to make you dumber I hope you had a bitchin’ summer! Are you being educated… Or just domesticated? Another lamb brought to the fold We’re being tamed Trained to think and act the same And believe all of the bullshit we are told This is a war; make no mistake With our own identities at stake Lobotomized, automatized while the slate is fresh and clean Programming children like machines Deeper into nothingness we sink Taught how to act, how not to think Erasing instinct and replacing motivations Until you are just part of the equation Repeat the magic words And take your place amongst the herd Are you being informed… Or beaten to conform? Welcome to the Information Age An obvious misnomer The populace is lulled into a coma And locked inside the cage. Our minds are the only hope we’ve got We must question everything that we’ve been taught Filter out the garbage and pollution Dispel all the myths and the illusions Reject the comforts and the confines of tradition All great discoveries were once branded as sedition The quest for knowledge is an act of revolution The quest for knowledge is the path to evolution Don’t be mislead Don’t join the legions of the living dead Don’t buy this brand of propaganda you’ve been fed We must rise up and reclaim our rightful place As the only masters of our fates You weren’t brought into this world, friend; you were sold They own your bodies, own your minds, and own your souls From the classroom to the whitewashed TV news They control the lies you read, the lies you view