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lyrics:T.Welch, music:T.Welch, RUR
July 04, 2004
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Fake fucking people and their fake fucking lives Flacid plastic assholes and their fat fucking wives On the sofa watching Oprah while their stupid fucking spawn Are all dosed up on Ritalin and watching Pokemon Is it all so meaningless? Is there no defeating this Entropy and apathy, this wasteland called “America”? I’m getting desperate Is there nothing separate From this sad, pointless game Where every day means just more of the same You’d think I was from another planet the way people look at me And when I look around myself I’m inclined to agree I speak their language but I can not understand the words When so many don’t mind to be another bovine in the herd Is there nothing to which we aspire? Nothing more we can desire Than opulence and fame in this farce we’ve named “America”? I long to be much more Than just another faceless whore In this gang-bang exploitation flick The sad state of this nation makes me sick We’re armed to the teeth with credit cards And underneath our shopping carts The bodies just pile higher from the empire of “America” This poverty of intellect Is cause for me to suspect We’re going nowhere fast How much fucking longer can this last?
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