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If I live through high school
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Owen Hovenden
December 03, 2018
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Shooting down at the school today Not so many as the last time A few more dead and we would have made the news School will be closed for a couple of days While they scrub the walls and redecorate With thoughts and prayers plastered over the bullet holes Chorus: And I'm sorry I got blood on my clothes And my homework is late again Falling behind, I just can't seem to concentrate I swear I'm trying to do my best Stay focused, forget the rest And if I live through high school I just might graduate Can we leave a little bit early today I've gotta go the long way can't cross the tape And I don't wanna be late for the assembly Frankie wont be coming around I 'd like to send flowers but the florist's all out I heard they're carving a stone in his memory Chorus Practiced the drill in class today Some girls screamed but I was ok Skipped a test in History to evacuate I made it to the cupboard and my teacher smiled Extra credit for staying alive History will repeat if you just sit and wait Chorus